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The Art of Cooking

We aim for a fresh, wholesome taste experience to be enjoyed with friends and family. Our menu focuses on comforting, modern European cuisine, using the highest quality ingredients.

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We use only the freshest ingredients in our meals

We Created best dinning experience for you & your family

Simply but Delicious experience

Kinsale’ is a neighborhood restaurant located on the water in Kennedy town. The concept was to build a family style restaurant serving quality comfort food at reasonable prices. Kinsale also happens to be a small seaport town in Co Cork Ireland. It is a beautiful picturesque village and is known as the ‘Gourmet Capital of Ireland’.

Our Team

Meet the management team at Kinsale
Christopher Kerr

Christopher Kerr brings his love of food and a wealth of experience to his role as Kinsale’s Executive Chef. Australian-born, Chris has spent much of his life travelling, cooking and overseeing restaurants across Europe and the Pacific, before bringing his innovative culinary style to the people of Hong Kong with the launch of Kinsale.


Cathal Kiely

Hailing from Cork, Ireland, Cathal Kiely’s love of classic hospitality is evident in each of his ventures and his newest restaurant, Kinsale (named for a small Irish beachside town that he once called home) is no exception. One of Cathal’s earliest projects was setting up the acclaimed Kinsale Brewing Company.